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  • ACO Club - ACE Folklife Research Gate - Thomas A Sinisi (Tommy Hawksblood) Hawai
    ACE Life Coaches in the ACE Folklife Socety are looking to share the ACE Quarterly with Dr. Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.. Dr. Bruce Cornet is assisting TJ Morris ET Radio, Host Theresa J Morris with ACE Quarterly Researcher - portal stargate. We share Research Gate with articles and papers used in ACO Association - Health and […]
  • UFO - ACE LIFE COACH Ufologists Jan Aldrich, Theresa J Morris, OraL History-Bk. 2-Ep. 5
    ACIR TJ Morris ACO -UFO ET -ACE LIFE COACH Basic Introduction by TJ Morris with Jan Aldrich - UFO Association Oral History - Invisible College, Interviews - We provide Structure and Content. Equipment, Analysis, Research, Interviews. Archiving and Bandwidth. We need to understand training certifications for different levels and cost involved- Travel and History Channels […]
  • ACO CLUB - ACIR Radio Club History - UFO-Alien Contact?
    ACO - ACIR RADIO CLUB - ORAL HISTORY and ARCHIVISTS> Dr. Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Geology, Palynology, and Theresa J Morris, Knowing Cosmology, Phenomenology, Parapsychology, Archivist and Host and Historian have Ronny Dawson and Jan Aldrich/ Jan Aldrich as ACO Association. Thomas A Hawksblood Sinisi - joins the ACO CLUB Oral Historians with TJ, Dr. BRUCE, […]
  • ACO - UFO Association 2020 BEGINS
    I have begun a community online of friends who want to get serious about sharing our peer review group as archivists, artists, authors, historians, researchers, and even ACO Cosmos Radio Club
  • UFO's As usual Jan Aldrich and Theresa J Morris, Reporters-2-Ep 4
    Jan Aldrich and Theresa J Morris meet on TJ Morris ET Radio to share the UFO Association. Both have prior government experience and have learned to investigate, report, and archive information. Both are in professional and hobby associations. Each share time in American to build an International Social Media Connection with their hobby, websites, associates, […]
  • UFOs? UFO Association - Jan Aldrich Book 2, EP. 3, Theresa J Morris
    UFO Association oral history reporters archiving past records and how they have been kept in various groups, organizations, public and private historical collections. Jan Aldrich has over 50 years of experience in government service and has joined Theresa J Thurmond Morris for oral archiving some of the more interesting data collection threads of time and […]
  • Need to Know Dr. Bruce Cornet, TJ Morris, Melinda Czarneska Romanov, JK Lessin
    ACO Club - Topic: Alienology - Implants-Abductees - Witnesses, Experiencers, Contactees, Disclosure, Exposure, Cosmic Consciousness - Dr. Bruce Cornet, ACO Member has asked to bring on someone he suggested we get to know. We will share time today January 4, 2020 with our Alien Contact Organizers a woman who will share her story. Meet Melinda […]
  • UFO Association Jan Aldrich, Theresa J Morris, Bk. 2 Ep. 2 - date 12-31-19 CUFOS J Allen Hynek, Ali
    Jan Aldrich who archives as Project 1947 shares his knowledge of UFO Association is a group of friends of Theresa J Thurmond Morris who have been known in the fields of alienology, cosmology, phenomenology, ufology, and ACE Folklife Society as a growing community of the paranormal. Theresa J Morris was asked in 1985 to assist […]
  • Allied Command Organization 2020 New Heroes! TJ
    Theresa J Morris introduces MEN IN BLACK International. Theresa J Thurmond Morris does TJ Morris ET Radio for her friends. Dr. Bruce has joined her informative ACO Club We need 2020 Heroes to Step Up and Share in the New Narrative with TJ Morris ET Radio. WHO WILL IT BE? We will bring balance to […]
  • ACO Club - Alien Contact Organizers -Dr. Bruce Cornet, Theresa J Morris
    Topics for ACO Club - A Community Online with Theresa J Morris, Producer, Dr. Bruce Cornet, Co-Producer. ACO Association Integrative Metaphysicians share Psychic University topics. Co-Creators do Integrative-Radio Shows for Oral Archives with our ACO Radio - Revolution Radio Club. Chaos and Reductionism with ACO on TJ Morris ET Radio.Topics of today's American Communications Online […]
  • UFO Association, Jan Aldrich, Theresa Morris, TJ Morris ET Radio Archive-Book 2 - Ep 1
    ACO Radio - American Communications Online - UFO Association Organization - Allied Command Organization Department of American Communications Online Researchers and Associates Jan Aldrich and Theresa Thurmond Morris are prior militaries and prior civilian government service employees. Jan and Theresa known as TJ Morris share ET Radio archives including the UFO Association Organization of links. […]
  • UFO Association OrgTJ Morris ET Radio- Jan Aldrich, TJ Morris- Bk !-Ep 9
    UFO Association Organization is archived by TJ Morris ET Radio by Jan Aldrich and Theresa J Morris. Both Jan and Theresa (Terri) or Janette (Jan) are prior military and government service employees. They are now both retired and share in their similar interests projects in cyberspace online. Though they have never met each other they […]
  • UFO Association Club - Jan Aldrich, Theresa J Morris - Book 1 Ep. 8
    We are co-creating historical oral reports for UFO Association International., We are about Information Disclosure. Information which is accepted among our bonafide accepted prior UFO Clubs and associations who may be in our past and recognized with investigators, historians, researchers, collectors of UFO reports and witnesses. We develop responsible Applications for all types […]
  • Kevin Estrella to Allied Command Org,
    Kevin Estrella has been welcomed deep into the UFO community after having his own first-hand encounter with something not of this world. Kevin is the guitarist and composer of the instrumental rock band Pyramids on Mars. A combination of elements of hard rock, industrial, and metal infused with lead guitar melodies inspired by violin melodies […]
  • ACO UFO Press Club- Jan Aldrich, Theresa J Morris - Book 1-Ep. 7
    Jan Aldrich and Theresa J Morris share their time weekly making oral reports as Ufology Historical Researchers. Classifying what has been called Information DIsclosure. Both Jan and Theresa (Also called Jan) a coincidence with Jans who have been known to be linked to UFO Association. UFO Association is a group of known Ufologists, Historians, Reporters, […]
  • John Barbour History on JFK Assassination Anniversary 11-22-1963 56 years ago
    A Canadian high school dropout at 15, and deported at 17, John Barbour is recognized as ‘The Godfather Of Reality TV' as the creator-Producer, Co-Host, and Writer of the trend-setting hit ‘Real People.' He won the first of his 5 Emmys as the original Host of ‘AM LA' in 1970 where he interviewed controversial anti-war […]
  • UFO Association Archives - Jan Aldrich, Theresa J Morris- ACO Press Club-Ep6
    UFO Association Archives established for educational and historical reports. Jan L. Aldrich was born April 14, 1944, and now resides in Canterbury, Connecticut. He received a B.A. in History from the University College, University of Maryland. Aldrich retired from the U.S. Army with over 25 years in the field artillery and seven overseas tours,16-years experience […]
  • UFO Alien Contact Experiencer, Ronny Dawson, Janet Lessin, Theresa J Morris
    Ronny Dawson lives in Ranger,TX. He is a Hazardous Material Transport Operator. In 2009 he witnessed odd lights in Rural locations of Texas. He witnessed a cattle abduction 1st hand and became aware that the lights are from an alien origin. The lights seem to always show themselves especially when he was in rural locations. […]
  • UFO Association -Jan Aldrich Historian- Book 1 Ep. 5 Theresa J Morris, Janet
    UFO Association on TJ Morris ET Radio presents ORAL REPORTS for ACO Press Club. We have asked a well-known historian in Ufology how to find and search out around the world proof of UFOS? ORAL BOOK For UFO Association Who's WHO in our time on earth. We the supporters of UFO Association are asking Jan […]
  • TJ Morris ET Radio Extraterrestrial Discussion
    ACO American Communications Online is sharing an Alliance with ACO Association and UFO Association as Allied Command Organization.with Thomas R Becker, One of the Navy Veterans with Theresa J Thurmond U.S. Navy Veteran. Both share interest in radio and the cosmos. Theresa and Thomas invite others to join in their Community! Go to or […]