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ASCENSION AGE Guidelines for Posting Ascension Center Organization ACO Press Club Guidelines for Posting on our Websites American Communications Online. Allied Command Organization Theresa J Morris Ministries of Education Inbox x Theresa J Morris <> 11:03 AM (7 minutes ago) to Janet, amadpainter, Richard, American, Ken, Richard Allied Command Organization a Department of American Communications Online ACO Press Club is a division of TJ Morris Agency. Theresa J Thurmond Morris Administrator. American Communications Online is a company services in broadcasting services offered through Theresa J Morris Ministries, Education on Spiritual Science of the Universal Life addressing the phenomenology and philosophy for conscious raising in quantum mechanics of the eternal soul. Ascension Center Oracle Atlantis and Andromeda Oracle has been known forever sharing information with those who exist. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris The two main questions of humanoid sentient intelligent beings are What happens when we die? Are we alone in the Universe?
Ascension Center Organization For our Allied Command Space Advocates We are not alone in the universe and we share soul vibrations Life After Life we know as Conscious Energy Essence some call Soul  Andromeda Galaxy   GROUP INFO & GUIDELINES –  Please read this before entering the page and posting – thank you   As all of you know we are living in the most important times of the history of the universe as the Earth is shifting her vibration into a new dimensional frequency while humanity awakens to its divine potential.   Experiencing or moving into the Ascension Age is a matter of consciousness and so this community is intended to bring in awareness of consciousness raising topics for discussion.   We share radio waves, microwaves, brain waves, and are all about sharing vibrations.   We like to share our Ascension Center Oracles who share that our mission is to always RAISE VIBRATIONS through promoting the spiritual essence of love, truth, wisdom and harmony  as choosing higher consciousness empowers personal transformation and changes our world for  the better.   To co-create a high vibrational, informative, truthful and enjoyable community with you we  encourage all of you to communicate from the love of your heart, to keep it positive and  express yourselves with compassion and wisdom.   We all can enjoy peaceful, friendly and uplifting communications and intelligent and enlightened discussions.   We welcome open-minded people interested in sharing their insights, learning and discussing about Earth and other planets, and humanities.    Ascension Center Organization is about our raising our levels of soul vibrations, as well as extraterrestrial civilizations, exploring our cosmic connections and the ongoing shift we  all are part of.   We remind you to always use your discernment and allow in and spread only information that resonates with your own heart.   Our ACO Association Administrators and Writers are our Moderators.   Please note that this group is monitored, and the Admins observe and might edit material to make sure that the spirit of the guidelines is respected.   We also have a policy of “no spamming” to discourage any political or religious cult,  fear-based propaganda as well as advertisement so that no negativity or disharmony can survive in this place. Beings who do not respect the guidelines will be banned without further notice. We like to keep it peaceful and positive.  Feel free to report messages by emailing our Agents as Administrators or Moderators  in our ACO Club.  Our ACO Press Club shares various groups in social media and radio stations.  Insights into our sharing words of our conscious reality is important.   Please email us or message us if we need to review or delete inappropriate material to ensure that all members feel valued and happy here.   We also ask that you treat each other with decency and to write a few words with your post,  message or link because this way it gets more inspiring, personal and interesting to all of us! It is also nice to support one another through liking, commenting and sharing your insights.   Thank you for being part of this community, for your contributions to co-create and spread the Ascension Age and our future which we co-create together.   Ascension Center Oracles share energy and raise vibrations for our soul’s light and sharing our love. Nature to Nurture is energizing all that “IS” in the “ISNESS BEINGS” or “ISBES” Peace and Goodwill to all.   Theresa J Morris TJ Morris Agency American Communications Online TJ Morris ET Radio Station Brand TJ Morris Agency-Media, News, Publishing ACO Association (850) 376-9100 or (850) 736-5138 We are like minded people, truthseekers, sharing a community in cyberspace. We are independent journalists, authors, reporters, researchers share education, information, and points of view of how we share our own reality of the universe and/or universes. We recognize we are each important in the overall scheme. We share concepts of originality whether in art or word form. Allied Command Organization, ACO Association, American Communications Online, ACO Club, UFO Association share in an alliance to form a community of ufo enthusiasts, ufologists, alienologists, researchers, space advocates. CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVILEGED.  It is intended for the individual or entity named above.  If you are not the intended recipient, please be notified that any use, review, distribution or copying of this email is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this email by error, please delete it and notify the sender immediately. Theresa J. Morris at dial (850) 376-9100 or (850) 736-5138 and destroy the  original message. American Communications Online dba Psychic University –    Spiritual Consciousness · Near Death Experiences · Paranormal Investigations · Paranormal Evidence ·  Paranormal Research · Paranormal · Consciousness · Spirituality · Tarot Card Reading · Extraterrestrials ·  UFO Research and Investigations · Life After Death Experiences   American Communications 11:04 AM (6 minutes ago) to     —   American Communications Online ACO Association Public Benefit Corporation – ACO Broadcasting Media. Spiritual Educational Entertainment~ American Communications Online Developing our educational entertainment network with friends in social media. TJ Morris Agency and ACO CLUB of Friends who share Business to Business Marketing, Editing in English. And American Culture International Relations. We are covering a process for starting from the business development, needs gathering, advertising and f2f/skype working with the internal HR and managers, offering them a consultative service. Our goal is sharing  our friends who desire to know more. We share a spiritual science community at no charge to giving the candidates the sense of being treated well and with respect, even if not successful! We are ACO Association. We provide information services for  our friends in social media and business to business as a trade association in integrative medicine and in ufo and paranormal science. American Communications Online Theresa J Morris ACO Club – ACO Association Thomas R Becker, Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr. TJ Morris ET Radio – TJ Morris Media-Ascension Psychic 3406 Green Briar Ct Apt A Gulf Breeze FL 32563 USA Theresa J Morris – Agent +1-850-376-9100- 850-376-1107 850-736-5138/ TJMorris – ACO Association – UFO Association – TR Becker Ken R Johnston Sr. – TJ Morris ET Radio ACO Authors Book Club – Bill M Tracer ACO Association Europe – Ralph Rodehag ACO Universal Life Ministries -Thomas A Sinisi ACO CLUB – ACO Cultural Community Services ACO Allied Command Officers-Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr. ACO ERA COP – Tony R Elliott by: YOU TUBE CHANNEL:                                                                                                  ACO UFO Association UFO Association  Historical Archivist -Jan Aldrich

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