Calvin Parker UFO Abduction in Pascagoula Mississippi USA

Calvin Parker is the younger of the two men whom we have gotten to know since October 11, 1973, when he and his friend Charles Dickens decided to go fishing at night and were taken aboard a spacecraft. The spacecraft was of unknown origin and has been a well-documented story which has become a part of our lives. We will learn from his second book Pascagoula -The Story Continues…

Many who know of me know I am the founder of UFO Association and I am returning to document stories myself on TJ Morris ET Radio. We will archive his story after recording it live this Thursday, September 26, 2019.

We can then hope to get Calvin back to further our friendship in our UFO Association and maybe even to do a live recording when I go to share his location in Pascagoula to tell the story with him in the location that it happened. WE WILL LOAD THE STORY UP HERE AND OTHER PLACES.