Extraterrestrial Hwy Fest 2019

Alien-Stock Fest – Annual Area 51 Extraterrestrial Highway Event

Rachel, Nevada USA. Alienologists, Cosmologists, Phenomenologists, Ufologists gather for sharing the philosophical view of Conscious Agents.

Music to Metaphysics Arm Chair Philosophers of Who are we? Why are we here? What are we? Are we along in the universe?

Writers write about the cosmos and Musicians write songs about this stuff!

ACO UFO NEWS on Alien-Stock Annual Music Fest

Astral Cosmos Oracles Club

Train the Trainers of our Spiritual Community Be Love Now

Relating to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.

The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets. Gifting and abilities, we are about the spiritual science and the spirit realms. We are not alone and offer our Psychic University for intuition and empathic and pre-cognition. Our founder for our ET Science of other realms, beings, interdimensional reality of levels, and all our abilities and we own it honor it as a Be-Be Do intuitions for knowing about self-awareness. We honor knowing our senses. Our sixth sense multi=dimensional existence is a movement of sharing senses and supernatural mystery training.

We have a call in to various journalist who may know us in social media on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

There will apparently be an Annual Event planned now for promoting the NEVADA AREA from Las Vegas to Rachel Nevada as the Alien drive the Alien Highway on Nevada State Route 375, keep your eyes peeled. You may just see something a little odd … up in the sky? Maybe. On the ground: 100%. But, isn’t that why you’re here?

One thing is for sure: when you pilot your vessel along the wide open roads through this scenic, otherworldly wilderness with that warm wind in your hair (or antennae), you’ll appreciate why a visitor would travel across the galaxy to enjoy this kind of freedom on the ET Highway.

Theresa J Morris


  • The ET Highway Sign
  • ET Fresh Jerky
  • Alien Research Center
  • The Little A’Le’Inn

Connie West, proprietor of the Little A’Le’Inn and Roberts’s original Alienstock co-host, is still planning to continue with its own event, now billed as “Alien-Stock” (note the dash), a three-day “OFFICIAL Storm Area 51 Festival.” Although Roberts served West a cease-and-desist notice over her use of the name, West soldiers on — she even has a lineup of musicians advertised on the Little A’Le’Inn’s website.

(As Time observed, Alienstock in Rachel is the only event that released a musical lineup prior to the weekend. Bands include Speed of Light, a punk band composed of a trio of teen siblings; a band called Brothers of Alien Rock, which fittingly dresses up as aliens and has an entire extraterrestrial lore; and an all-girl pop group called Pynk Le’monade that claims to have worked with “DJ Skrillex, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, TI, and more.”

ACO Association whole-person care Body-Mind-Spirit-Environment-Social Transcendent- Nature & Nurture Cultural Understanding for Conscious Clear Choices for Balance Daily.

Theresa J Morris shares the ACO as an acronym for ACO Association, Ascension Center Oracle, American Communications Online, Allied Command Organization, a theoretical framework for the inclusion of spirituality in whole-person care in modern multicultural societies, for clinicians, educators, and researchers, through use of 2 models: the 3 H dimensions of of spirituality model (head, heart, hands) and the BMSEST model (body, mind, spirit, environment, social, transcendent). Specific goals for these models are (1) comprehensiveness, (2) applicability across belief systems (religious or secular), (3) accessibility to clinicians and learners, and (4) provision of a theoretical home for research on spirituality and health. We have adopted this into our spiritual science community we address as Ascension Center Organization in the United States regarding Integrative Medicine as Whole Person Advocates for whole-person care and self-training with Life Coaches. We share practitioners as advocates and as cosmos conscious consultants speakers as ambassadors of goodwill. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris shares her ministry of education on whole-person care giving  for caregivers in her Theresa J Morris Ministries, a spiritual science community known as Ascension.Center.

ACO Association is the American Communications Online – Allied Command Organization. Theresa J Morris, Owner, Woman Veteran with Thomas R Becker, General Manager, Veteran, and are forming a community for their trade associations, peer review journals, and newsletter. Our clients are our friends in business to business and social media. We share co-creations in audio and visual among visual and performing artists. We have artists, authors, consultants, educators, radio hosts, researchers, speakers, web hosts, and friends in social media. We support other veterans and are space advocates. We like to write and do research. Enjoy ancient cultures and cosmology. TJ had 2 near death experiences and am all about learning about the cosmos and science. I am building friends who have time to build a tribe and meet annually at an event. I do a monthly Meet up. I do weekly radio shows. I share websites to assist ACO Network Media Partners. I began my own business while going to UAB in 1978 called ACIR. I always was an Independent Investigative Reporter, and was licensed in Birmingham, AL by the Chief of Police as a Private Investigator. We did not have license back then. I helped with the Kentucky licensing for P.I., then served as Investigative Reporter writing reports before we had the internet in cyberspace. I did work for a newspaper and began my own magazine. I had my first job with Percy Foreman Atty in Houston then Newton B Schwartz, 1970. I trained arson, fraud, subrogation, personal injury, and law enforcement before my license in Business Intelligence. I went through U.S. Dod-DON- training and shared 1980-1993 in and out of country of USA. I drove OTR – CDL 1994-2003. I then began event promotions as an agent-consultant-organizer when I got off the road. I kept my brand ACIR-ACO and married Agent Thomas R Morris in Kentucky 2000. I had learned the publishing business and first title was a catcher. I learned to bind books, and print color and black and white. I loved that I came from a paper mill family in USA. We were told that saw dust was in our bones and our blood ran red as Americans.We in our culture growing up were proud to be an American and we said a pledge to allegiance to our flag. I still believe in the USA and that we stand for freedom, family, country and most of all freedom of speech. I do my part as loving God and country. I will say I work until the day I die or pass.

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